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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Spider-Vader View Post
This would work pretty well:

Fox is starting to get good again. Plus, he could always be in the Deadpool sequel.
Fox did good with First Class. I'll give them that (continuity issues aside). They're just as capable of screwing up as they are at succeeding. I'm pretty sure Taskmaster would show up in a Deadpool movie but I'm wondering if both characters will be intact or would there be more radical changes (Taskmaster being able to copy other people's powers, for example, would be a radical change). The kind of change I'm worried about is making Taskmaster learn abilities by touching people and then he turns out to be Rogue's father. That's the kind of Fox crap that scares me. I'd feel a lot better seeing him in the Avengers series somewhere since he's primarily an Avengers villain but I really want to see him with Deadpool too. The potential for failure just worries me a little bit.

Also, I absolutely love that costume and that mini-series and would weep with joy if that was the costume we got.

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