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Default Re: SMALLVILLE RETURNS! novel form

Three things:
1) YES! I accepted the novel format when it was announced because I love books like It's Superman! (P.S. I recommend that for those who haven't read that book), but a comic version is what most fans need because we wanted to SEE Welling as Superman, not CG Welling as Superman. That's why we felt cheated a bit, though I didn't quite mind because that last shot was something I knew was coming for a few years, but I must admit; the scenes with Superman (granted in CG) surprised me anyway.

2) The suit: the show clearly showed the suit with the trunks, but now the comic features them removed and now a red line has been added to the middle of the strap of the belt. Even though this is the latest in the recent redesigns from MOS, to the New 52; if this was still part of the show, does that mean Clark removed the trunks after debuting visually in Finale? (The Chloe comic from 2018 would show what the world was like back then, so that doesn't count in this argument, but one other thing does) What about the scene set in 2013? The trunks are there. So, my question is: when does season 11 take place between the future years of the show of 2013-2018, or is this a retcon and we're suppose to imagine this version of the suit on the show where it had the SR version?

3) Stories: what could we expect from the comic and what kind of stories will we be getting now and into the future? There are a number of possibilities; one theory I have is that since the show was about Clark before he became Superman; Season 11 would probably be about what happens afterward, and plus, since Clark was told throughout those ten years that he'd be this, that, etc. he would probably ask himself after revealing himself to the world "okay, what's next". Plus, the show did present future stories, whether IN the future, or not. Lex becoming president and why it was announced in 2013 but didn't happen until 2018, that nuclear explosion in Homecoming, today no one realizes that when Clark buried Doomsday, he set up the "Death of Superman", and plus, we havew Brainiac 5 in the future, but is the villain Brainiac still exist in the present? Number of possibilities.

Ironic that, even with digitial bering in April, we will see printing of this in May 2012, a year afterward the finale, like it was "picking up where it left off", huh?

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