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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

Originally Posted by tamron View Post
As far as the Black Panther suit, I think it should be adaptive so that they could use all the looks.
The idea of the boots and gauntlets having those sort of multi-claw set ups sounds pretty danged awesome. I also think there's a lot of power in keeping the costume sleek and black, though I do like the grooves, and a little ornamentation... but I think too much ruins it. The necklace with the Panther totem is more than enough for his battle uniform. But it also does make sense for him to have a more regal ceremonial uniform with all the bells and whistles and kneepads and whatever.

But there's something really powerful about just the blackness of the black panther. Don't want that spoiled so much.

I'd prefer an African or at least someone with direct African ties to get the lead role as opposed to an African-American. I feel like there's a very important distinction there.
There's an important distinction, but I don't think it applies to casting films. White Americans can play Europeans, regardless of if they have any actual ties to the country in question. Now there's a lot of questions to be had about African features and accents and such (another reason I like Hodge, because I've heard his African Accent enough to like it), but just on basis of heritage, I can't see that as relevant.

Mackie isn't quite right, I agree though. Too bad though, he's really good. I think he could redefine the character like RDJ did Stark.

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