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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

What is the true Joker exactly? Is he a killer or a harmless prankster? Is he both? Or is he an anarchist who's determined to show the world the pointlessness of rules? Was he a career criminal prior to the accident or was he a meek, harmless man only trying to support his wife and unborn child?

If the Joker had one constant unchanging depiction, I could understand all this talk about how Jack didn't get it right, but as it is, there are multiple interpretations that are vastly different from one another, in the comics alone.

That goes for a good number of comic book characters too. Look at Mr. Freeze. He started out as a mad scientist working on a freeze gun when he had his accident, then he was changed so that he was in the process of trying to cryogenically freeze his terminally ill wife to keep her alive long enough to find a cure.. does that mean the revision of the character isn't really Mr. Freeze? Is Lexcorp Lex not really Lex because he originated as a mad scientist? Is the silver age boyscout Superman not the real Superman because he was originally written as a law breaking bruiser?

These long running characters who have endured retcon after retcon and reboot after reboot simply do not have a single, constant interpretation. There are the basic traits that have been there from the start though. Jack's Joker has the basic traits and more.

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