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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
Aye, they play pretty fast and loose with the rules regarding her shapeshifting, at the end she was in her X-Men uniform, yet had her shape-shift over them, as if she wasn't wearing any.
I always thought they had RRS's character walk around in the nude, because she'd have to take her clothes off every time she shape-shifted, and, like Magneto said, if she has to shape shift all the time, to wear clothes even, then half her concentration is gone.
Maybe BS had that rule, but they disregarded it in XMFC.
I never even thought of that! Good catch!

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Don't you think casual viewers wouldn't get a movie fatigue with two X-Men movies coming out in just 2 years?
Just look at the The Avengers for a comparison. Both Thor and Captain America came out last year and The Avengers is one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

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