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Default Re: Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye! - Part 1

Originally Posted by SuperSAINT View Post
Chewy, this raises quite an interesting question that I’ve wondered about for a while - Do Disney leave Marvel Studio's to run their business as they see fit? Or will they intervene when it comes to talent negotiations?

Marvel are well known to low-ball talent. Renner’s hot property and Marvel are lucky to have him – But Universal & Paramount won’t hold back on getting him back for Mission & Bourne respectively. Disney certainly don’t hold back on their other big franchises like Depp etc.

Think we’ll find out soon enough. It'll be interesting to see what happens post-Iron Man 3 with Downey's contract.
Well, if Marvel really does want to make a Hawkeye movie, it probably won't be until 2014 or afterward, since they pretty much have the schedule for the next few years regarding Marvel Studios movies locked up. And so far, they haven't indicated that they're really intending to make one for Hawkeye, and aside from the sequels of the Big Three the ones I've heard circulating in the rumor mills the most are Ant-Man and even Dr. Strange.

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