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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by XtremeOne1 View Post
Oh Smallville..I think it was always inconsistent. There were amazing episode and then were just horrific episodes. I think during "Freak of the Week" years the show was it's worse, just in terms of acting and writing. I mean it was new and exciting but it got old fast.
I sort of disagree with this. While I can see the getting old fast POV for the FOTW, I thought the first season more then any other season was the best at developing personal relationships during the episodes and having character motivations be rather constant. It seems as the seasons moved on it felt like the personal relationships between characters just got more choppy and to many times it just felt like a characters personality was written to suit that given episode instead of having a nice continuing feel from episode to episode.

In terms of FOTW, while a few episode were rather bland and boring one thing I did like about them was it gave Clark somebody to go up against for the A plot of the episode. I much rather watch an episode of Clark fighting the "bad guy" then an episode spending 42 minutes of Clark trying to stop Lana's marriage basically. I also think having somebody bad for Clark to go up against made Clark look better as opposed to having the main plot be Clark is all whiney and depressed because his life sucks. I also much rather watch the personal relationship stuff be b and c plotlines in an episode on a more happy note, then be pushed to the a plotline and full of angst and melodrama(something which I found later seasons, especially the mid ones from 5-7 guilty of).

In general I am a fan of episodes people would label "filler" such as FOTW ones because I rather watch episodes tie up the story within 42 minutes with a proper conclusion then some dragged out drama that lasts over many episode(usually with a terrible payoff in the case of Smallville)

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