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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

I like Fuqua a lot. He does need... creative resources, but if he has them, I think he'll do a very nice job. When I look at King Arthur and Brooklyn's Finest, the less received films of his, I see weak scripts that he couldn't save. I also see very strong performances, and a director who consistently pulls those is definitely worth having around. I also want someone who's shot a movie about/set in Africa before, which, I suppose is a tall order.

Another I would consider would be Neil Blokamp (District 9), if he's not busy on his own IPs. Maybe even Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond, Love and Other Drugs). I think there should definitely be an emphasis on character-strong directors, like Favreau and Branagh, and not necessarily, big action guys, or previous superhero movie experience. And some part of me still wants Michael Jai White in on this. Maybe just as a writer, or something.

I see what you're saying, that Downey's change was subtle, and not an overhaul, but I do consider that a redefinition.

Random Question, assuming we have a scene with young T'Challa. Does it work better at the beginning of the film, or a flashback at some crucial character development point?

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