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Default Re: In Place of Hugh Jackman?

^agreed. Jackman's not the problem. The problem (after X2) became the studio. They tried making Wolverine into Captain America. He's not a kid-friendly character. They tried to make him that way in an effort to increase their revenue. Ironically, the character's box office appeal reduced after X2 - which was the most violent film outta the 4 films Jackman's done (the MPAA originally wanted to give it an "R" rating just for the scene in the kitchen). What FOX needs to do is take the Vaughn route & completely disregard the children by appealing only to a demographic that would actually enjoy the real Wolverine (X2 Wolverine). This is a very vicious character that Jackman mastered emotionally in X2 & physically in Origins. No other actor would have applied the attention to detail Jackman showed during the last film. The guy's 6'3" & lanky by nature yet looked like a bodybuilder throughout the film. He truly looked like Wolverine when rising from the tank. Jackman's never been a problem. He's great.

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