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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon

Originally Posted by Severus_Snape View Post
Yeah I agree, Kick-ass 2 is pretty my opinion.
I actually think it's improved and the last 2-3 issues have at least been entertaining--if far too dark, cynical and thinly-developed (in terms of characters) to work as a sequel to the first movie.

Still, KA2 would need an even larger reworking than the first volume did to make a good movie and without Vaughn and Goldman at the helm I worry the replacement(s) do more or less what's in the book.

Originally Posted by Mace Dolex View Post
I liked the first Kick-Ass and they probably should get going with the sequel before Christopher Mintz-Plasse (sp?) loses his geeky baby fat and suddenly overnight turns into a hunk.
I think they're more worried about Moretz becoming too old for the part. While the idea of doing a movie when Hit-Girl is an adult is kind of interesting, most would rather see the tween killing machine return. And the longer they take at making this, the more of a teenager the actress will become. They probably should have shot this movie last year.

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