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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

^Wow. Peter Mensah as S'yan? That would be... well... utterly awesome. He really could play T'Chaka, especially if the part is notably brief, and leave S'Yan for the 'big name' type. But yeah, either as T'Chaka or S'Yan, I need Peter Mensah to fight the Black Panther. Dang. That's epic.

Another big name to consider for T'Chaka would be Will Smith. He has an older look now, and would fulfill the desired 'guy who can sell tickets' thing. I wish Morgan Freeman did action for real, that'd be pretty sweet.

Originally Posted by T"Challa View Post
1. Chiwetel Ejiofor
2. Aldis Hodge
3. Michael B. Jordan.
Nice picks. Would have never thought of Jordan. I think he skews a bit younger than I'd want. Perhaps he'd be best for a young Ejiofor, I dunno. Honestly, the only reason I wouldn't want Hodge is because I don't want it to mess up Leverage in any way.

Supperting characters:

T"Chaka : Denzel would be a dream but he's too expensive. 2nd choice would be Djimon Hounsou

Ulysses Klaw: Bryan Cranston

Director: Neil Blomkamp/Duncan Jones/Steve Mcqueen/ Antoine Fuqua
Very nice, Cranston can do anything, imho. Never thought of Duncan Jones. Who's Steve Mcqueen?

Originally Posted by tamron View Post
Fight coordinator, if nothing else.
Of course! That's it. And maybe cast him as M'Baka since that fight will be his coup de grace anyway.

I think we need a minimum 4 sequences of a pre-Panther T'Challa. Whether chronologically or flashback, I want em.

1. Klaw's murder of T'Chaka ultimately ending with T'Challa blowing Klaw's hand off.

2. A heart-to-heart between a young T'Challa and T'Chaka about the duties of leadership and tradition. T'Chaka has been established as a character rooted in the old ways of Wakandan tradition. T'Challa is more modern.

Thus T'Challa's breaks from some traditions in the effort of modernizing Wakanda should be an apparent source of tension to some in the narrative (M'Baku being one) and a touchstone conversation highlighting T'Chaka's principals in contrast to T'Challa's later actions will make the conflict crystal clear.

In the end, be it the movie or a franchise, if we're so lucky, T'Challa should be progressing towards integrating the past with the future (Shadow Physics, as a symbolic example), and thus becoming the ideal leader of his people.

3.T'Challa's studying abroad. This can be a montage or something, but I want it clearly shown that before anything, T'Challa is a genius, one of the smartest men in the MCU.

4. The rites of Black Panther. I want to see all of it. No offhanded mentions. Show him taking on the 18 champions of the of Wakandan tribes, his walkabout (minus his encounter with Storm, due to obvious rights issues), dueling S'yan, the ingestion of the herb; the whole deal.
I do like the tradition vs modernism concept, especially with both the father and villain espousing tradition, and I think that's a theme we haven't seen in superhero films before, so very nice... Shadow Physics seems like quite a bit for a first film, after, we've got to have some clever vibranium usage too, y'know?

I'm not sure everything has to be shown, but there certainly does need to be a process. One concern I have is that there is little tension in the duel with S'Yan. Their closeness and his age don't drive home great challenge. So it has to come early in the story, but at the same time, we have to have some set up to care.

I think starting with the tail end of the walkabout, a young man with a lot of checks in his passport, fluent in several languages, casually hacking/programming things on his tablet, kindhearted to children, perhaps a passing reference to where he's from, coming back home through an airport after a long time. From there, through him, we are introduced to a 'new' Wakanda, things have changed, M'Baka on the throne, his mother, uncle and sister in hiding. We get flashbacks to his father's training and murder early on. He is coached by/defeats S'Yan to claim the Black Panther title to challenge M'Baka. Klaw shows up throws the fight against him. T'Challa has to flee to save his companions. During that second act he battles the Wakandan tribes (perhaps just 3 or 4), builds the Dora Milaje, Ingests the Herb, consults (herb-produced vision?) the Panther God and updates the costume. When he gets back to the capital for the third act, he basically whoops several levels of butt, including brilliantly utilizing his personnel resources.

Y'know, looking at it that way, there's not much need for Everett Ross or Monica Lynne or audience proxy. T'Challa is the newbie to the 'new' Wakanda. Though, some things would still need to be explained, I suspect.

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