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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
In the comics he was Jan's creepy psycho stalker who worked as her chauffeur for a while and after being exposed as a crook would freak out from time to time about her loving Hank instead of him.
I know. That's why I don't get how someone can view him as a great main villain. Unless it's a romantic comedy, I guess.

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
See I wouldn't want Ultron wasted on a small movie like Antman. I'd want his creation being a subplot and his turn leading into an Avengers movie. That's just my preference as I associate him as one of the Avengers main villains. This is all pending on Wright making an Antman movie which if it is the case this all goes out the window.
It sounds like you want him in an Ant-Man movie, but don't want him at the same time. Like, if he's evil in the Ant-Man movie, he can't be evil in an Avengers movie. I think Loki's proof positive that's just not so.

The problem I have with Ultron as a villain in the Avengers is that he's a step down from Loki. He doesn't build on the cosmic scale, he doesn't have an army he can field, and taking over the good guys' resources seems, again, like a step down, and having armies of robots out of nowhere enough to give the Avengers in all their might pause for a two hour movie just doesn't seem plausible in the MCU.

And if Edgar Wright's project, which is actively going through drafts now, doesn't go through, it's going to be a minute before MCU finds a new writer and director to pick him up, not in time for Avengers 2's planning phases (going on now).

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