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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville


1. Well to start things off, I thought that Smallville, for the most part, did an exceptional job in finding the right set of actors and actresses to portray their characters, especially the ones that were from comic origins. Despite mishandling some of the characterization for a lot of these characters in my honest opinion, Smallville remained consistent in finding the right people to portray their characters.

2. Love it or hate their decision to do so, I commend Smallville for having brought in so many DC characters into their show; giving these characters a chance to be exposed to the GA in live action format, a lot of which made their debut as live action characters. Unlike the films, Smallville has done a great job in really creating this great scope of the DC Universe within their franchise.

3. I enjoyed on how they dived into some areas for exploration in regards to Clark's development into becoming Superman in seasons 7-10. Like the producers said, I thought it made a better transition and development to see Clark going through trial and error in his role as a superhero, and how it made sense that he wouldn't just come out wearing the Superman costume on his first day as a superhero.

4. Fleshing out characters; I loved on how the show gave me a chance to look at characters such as Clark, Lois, Lex, and Zod for example in a new and better light (not that I saw any of them in a negative light previously) but it definitely made me become bigger fans of the characters that I had thought that i had known so well previously


1. Triangles; I mean if I had a nickel for every time that there was some unneeded and angst filled triangle on this show, I would have more than enough money to bribe everyone into making another live action

2. Lana's character was definitely something that really ended up being detrimental to the show in my honest opinion. In the first two seasons, she really felt like a believable character that was easy to root for and see on screen. I don't why, but somewhere down the line, the producers became obsessed with trying to figure out on who they could pair her up with romantically on the show than they could in developing her as a tolerant character that wasn't shoehorned into stories just for the sake of having her involved.

3. The inconsistencies with developing characters at times due to the fact that it was obvious on how the producers had gone into the beginning of each new season thinking that it might be the last at some point during the series history...thus prepping characters up for something, only to stall everything and find some way to introduce a obstacle that wouldn't make sense and just hurt the characters when they discovered that they had a new season to work with.

4. I'm with the majority that feel that Tom Welling should have been designated to wear the suit by the end of the series. I don't buy the excuse that the producers gave and feel that if they truly didn't intend for Tom to wear the suit, then they shouldn't have put so much emphasis on the suit itself at the beginning of season 10. After 10 years of watching Clark's development into becoming the Man of Steel, I think fans deserved a HELL of a lot more than what we got when it came to Superman exposure.

4. Shipper Wars; my god, if there was anything that I detested a lot was how low a lot of fans would sink themselves to when discussing their favorite ship and how they would bash characters and the cast members that portrayed them in order to feel validated and secure with their own preferred ships. I admit that I was a fan of the Clark/Lois and Chloe/Oliver romantic relationships (when they were written well) but I wasn't a fan of the whole shipper debate that would arise at times with other ships that would conflict with each other or whatnot.

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