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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by The Incredible Hulk View Post
^ In all fairness, #4 happens on pretty much every show these days. Although some of the Smallville stuff was especially egregious due to the folks over at K-Site.
Haha; true.

Oh, and another thing that really irked me was how they resorted towards using the Deus Ex device as a means for justifying things.

For example; I hated how the FOS/Jor-el could literally do anything (Time Travel, Restoration of Powers, Teleportation, Resurrection, etc) and yet if Krypton had that type of technology, how the hell did they still end up getting destroyed?

Also, I wasnít a fan of how they resorted towards using the orb as a means of being the device that would seemingly control Clark while hosting a bunch of cloned kandorians (powerless ones I might add)Ö.and Karaís bracelet was another plot holt unto itself.

When it came to Kryptonís mythology and technology in general, it really feels as though the writers really didnít have a good idea as to how they should execute in telling their version of Krypton that made sense.

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