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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I just came from the DC website, where the issue is listed; it doesn't say "not final cover" so where did you find that?

Also, we've been talking about the artists from the covers, and the good and bad that came with it, that I thought we should at least talk a bit about the interior artist: Pere Perez.

I didn't recognize the name until I saw I googled him, and saw some of the work. The guy did some work relating to the Superman: New Krypton Saga, with Action Comics #881-889. He also did Batgirl, an issue of Birds of Prey, and the final two issues of the Return of Bruce Wayne, among others. He also switches from gritty to simple in terms of the realism presented, but the artwork is good, which makes him being on this thing a good thing because at least we know the artwork inside these book(s) will be good and fun to look at.

Here are some examples:

More info of his work can be found here:

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