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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Are you serious? Regular 21st century technology is more powerful than you think, especially when you're able to control pretty much all of the technology on earth.

Just imagine Ultron hacking every main computer system in the world, which would basically give him control over every major weapon on the planet.
Is there something more powerful than nuclear missiles I'm not aware of? He blacks out the cities and blows up some other cities. That's all the story he's capable of, afaik.

Okay that's not true, he can also hack personal information from the heroes and confront them on a personal level, which would be cool.

But regardless, it wouldn't be like the comics, where there's abundant super tech to use on the heroes.

Originally Posted by MarvelKnight View Post
The only way to know if it works is if they give it a shot. But I'll tell you what, I'd rather have Marvel than some other idiotic studio (i.e. Galactus as a frickin' cloud) try and attempt it. (the whole omnipotence thing)
A good writer can recognize a bad story without having to spend a million dollars putting on a screen first.

As far as Tech Goes:
We only have seen what we've seen on film. With secretive agencies like SHIELD, not to mention the fact that they are introducing (aliens, gods, and machines created by Gods). Even for a casual fan of the movies, I doubt it would be so unbelievable to show that SHIELD has some pretty advanced tech we haven't seen yet. A good time to show some of that stuff would probably be against an Asgardian God and an Alien Army.

The great thing about Marvel doing their movies is they can introduce stuff that hasn't been on the films yet but its not a stretch because it is in the source material(marvel comics as a whole) therefore really, anything is possible. Pym and Stark are two of the Smartest people in the Marvel U. Bring Banner into the equation, and I'm sure a super advanced AI such as Ultron could find a way to incorporate some advanced Stark and Gamma Tech and make it even more advanced to suit his Kill all Humanity mission.

* Plus, Ultron in and of itself is highly advanced, and he is always looking to improve. If they use Ultron in A2 the tech is inherently already available by him being there, In my opinion.
The movies are not the comics. The only tech is Stark's. Pym is set in the 60s and Banner is only a biologist, so there's no Pym/Banner/Gamma Tech. Derailing the character development of those characters to shoehorn in stuff from the comics that's the result of 40 years of development is not a good story/not going to happen. Don't confuse moviegoers accepting gods and aliens as having superhuman tech (or else how would they get here?) with them accepting humans with superhuman tech without sufficient development ala Iron Man. Just because they like Cheerios does not mean they'll love Tastee-Ohs!.

No matter what tech SHIELD has, it's not going to have the destructive power of Nukes. It's not going to be effective against Loki's army, or else there's not much point in having any Avengers. It's just going to be high tech gadgets we've seen before in other films with cool government agencies, and seeing as how they won't have a whole two hours to establish the move from what we know to the movie's reality, it's not going to be as advanced as Stark's stuff, either. Nick Fury still gets around in a helicopter. It's not comic books, it's just not.

But, yeah, I guess Ultron could hack Tony's armors, and use those as a fight scene, that could be interesting. You guys have won me over. It's not in duplicating the comics like you guys are suggesting, cuz there is no super-tech outside of Stark's basement, but Ultron could actually fill up a movie against 6+ combatants and make for a good story.

Still, there are problems, like Pym not being in the present day. Like most of his power and story coming from Stark or whatever SHIELD's built between Av1 and Av2, him not being a natural bridge from Loki to Thanos, and other stuff like that. But he has potential, can't deny that.

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