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Default Re: Bucky: Dead or Alive?

Originally Posted by Vaportrail View Post
Sure, we all watched him seemingly fall to his death, but the golden rule of death in movies is if you don't actually see death happen, he ain't dead.
Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I think Bucky is alive and he'll comeback for the 2nd movie.
100% agree. Bucky HAS to come back as the Winter Soldier!!! how could you do a Cap movie series WITHOUT the Winter Soldier!?!?

also, i agree with the top statement and i think thats the case with the Red Skull, as well. we didnt see him DIE, am i right?? we saw Loki disappear into the starry abyss in Thor but hes still alive. thats gotta be the case with the Skull, too. who agrees with me on this one???

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