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Default Re: How many years should WB wait before making a Batman reboot?

It won’t happen, and it's just fan talk, but my dream follow on from Rises would be a one-off return by Burton, Keaton and Elfman. I know TDK Rises will take elements from TDK Returns, so following on after with a similar themed story would be a risk of repetition. I’ve thought of that for a while, thinking it was a deal breaker. But perhaps not. Perhaps it’s time to strike while the iron is hot? If TDK Rises ends with Bruce presumed dead or missing, you could ‘follow up’ that vibe thematically with his ‘return’ several years later (just as TDK Rises has a 8 year jump) – even though it’s a different universe, differentiated story wise. Imagine Burton coming back, with a different design for Gotham City, ala the difference between B89 and BR. I wonder how they'd approach it? In the same B89/BR universe where Gough's Alfred is deceased, as is Hingle's Gordon, or just recast?

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