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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

This is...interesting. I'm torn between loving the idea and being kinda pissed off.


1.) Sounds like BQM will be doing the scripting himself verses passing each issue around like the village floozy, which caused wildly inconsistent seasons during the show's run. This at least means continuity.

2.) No distracting special-effects or limitations in scope. The stories can now be as broad in scale as BQM wants, and it won't cost DC one additional red cent (I refuse to use the word "e_ _c" after being traumatized by CW PR releases).

3.) As others have said, it may free up guest-appearances by heroes either restricted from or not feasible in live-action, plus being able to do large-scale villains and confrontations. Being essentially, "Superman: Year One", that means no Darkseid or Doomsday for a while, but it's nice to know SV Clark could interact with characters on that visual scale without the characterizations being half-a**ed.

4.) A chance to clear-up lingering plot-holes, assuming BQM even remembers what plot-holes there were (and there were a lot).


1.) Really thought the days of people whining about episodes or arcs needing more Chloe were over. For f**k's sake, not this s**t again...

2.) But honestly, what keeps me from being enthusiastic about this is that - if the show-runners were genuine in their assertion that "the show was never about Superman/Once he's Superman, it's over", and hence no real suit or flight 'til the last minute, then - this feels like a slap in the face by DC for allowing in 2D what I'm sure 99% of the fan-base wanted all along: SV Clark in live-action as Superman. It contradicts their entire rationale for stalling from S5 onward, not putting Tom in the suit, and holding off flight - and for using that godd***n SR suit instead of creating their own.

So... on one hand, "aight, sounds decent", and on the other, "DC can all eat a bag of d**ks".

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