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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

The advantage the JLA has is speed. Wally West could blitz the entire team of Avengers in the blink of an eye. He could speed lend to GL.(basically amping GLs speed up to light speed)

This is not even mentioning Supes and Wonder Woman who also faster than anyone on Marvels team. Well actually I'd say Diana and Thor are about even.

Because I know someone will mention it... no, Quicksilver is no where near as fast as Flash or Superman. Flash can run thousands of times faster than light. Which is ridiculous, really. Quicksilver is supersonic, but no where near light speed. Scarlett Witch could have a chance of doing something, like dimension dumping the entire JLA. But she'd be knocked out before she can even begin to process a thought. Such is the speed of Flash.

Really, this fight just makes me feel bad for Thor. He'll be the only Marvel character left standing... but then he has to face Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and an amped up GL all on his lonesome. Poor guy.

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