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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Is there something more powerful than nuclear missiles I'm not aware of? He blacks out the cities and blows up some other cities. That's all the story he's capable of, afaik.

Okay that's not true, he can also hack personal information from the heroes and confront them on a personal level, which would be cool.

But regardless, it wouldn't be like the comics, where there's abundant super tech to use on the heroes.

But, yeah, I guess Ultron could hack Tony's armors, and use those as a fight scene, that could be interesting. You guys have won me over. It's not in duplicating the comics like you guys are suggesting, cuz there is no super-tech outside of Stark's basement, but Ultron could actually fill up a movie against 6+ combatants and make for a good story.
I didn't suggest that it would "duplicate the comics", I simply stated that Ultron would make a worthy adversary for the Avengers and could provide a large scale threat.

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