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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

I wonder if they will decide after A2 if they'll go past 3 Avengers movies. If they do (and can keep the principle cast together..for the most part) You could push Thanos back towards the end as the ultimate evil they face. While I am sure we all want these avengers to be around for ever, if they continue its conceivable that they might not all be back 10 yrs down the road. Maybe make him their ultimate test.

If they went this route (which again is purely hypothetical) It'd be neat to see a thanos movie with hints of disassembled. Not in the purest sense I know, but the ultimate evil that makes them have to come together and work as a team like never before while finally driving most if not all to the edge that breaks them up. Again this is years down the road if they do more than 3, but hten you could go in other directions whether its a new avengers type approach(or even young avengers if they're established by this time) Just a thought.

I'm really looking forward to Cosmic marvel though, Can't wait.

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