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Default Re: Capt. Marvel/Ms. Marvel Film? (Good idea or GREAT idea?)

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
And i do think at least someone in the movie could call him Captain Marvel. Maybe ask where's Billy Batson too, just as a joke. I mean, if your name was John Soupman, don't you think your colleagues would make fun of you and call you Superman? Especially if you do something heroic - eg you're a cop.
Yeah, someone in the movie should certainly call him Captain Marvel. I think it might be best if Carol Danvers does, and run it like the scene in the Ultimate comics
Danvers: "Real name, real rank. Now."
Lawson: "Pluskommander Hala'son Ghenris Mar-Vell of the Kree Imperial Navy"
Danvers: "So... Captain... Marvel, basically?"

I'm not so sure about the Batson shoutout, because so few people would recognize the reference.

I think the Ultimate Comics had a really great take on the costume:

Though I also want him to be using the Negabands... and I want the Kree to be a bit less human-looking than they are now.

Other random thoughts:
Arc I: Carol "Warbird" Danvers gets transferred from Air Force to SHIELD, where investigates Lawson, we see his origin story in retrospect as they play cat and mouse while this mysterious warrior character saves her from attacks from an unknown organization.
Act II: The Kree, with Lawson, are revealed, and now he and Danvers have to fight to prevent Col. Yon-Rogg from acquiring the second Negaband, in Lawson's possession, which would allow them to bring their entire fleet here in an instant. Nitros are created and released, one in particular has it out for the heroes.
Act III: With Lawson captured, Danvers flies and stealths her way onto their ship, rescues Mahr Vell, who then turns to face Yon-Rogg, with the negabands, harnessing immense energy from the Negative Zone (showing off what will be Ms. Marvel's powers). Lawson has a good, but losing fight but creates and explosion, taking out Yon-Rogg (overloading the bands?) though in the explosion, Danvers' DNA is Kree-ed up (reference some earlier plot point, perhaps with the Nitros' creation). Danvers holds Lawson though a death scene, puts on the bands and goes and stops Nitro by absorbing him.

A bit dense on the sci-fi, with aliens AND extradimensional stuff, but it's the best I got.

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