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Default Re: What would you have done in the x-men origins:wolverine

You cant do a good wolverine origin in 1 movie it would have to be a trilogy or at least a 2 parter.

I would do it as like character layers

First movie would be Wolverine: The Man.
so the first movie would focus on the base layer of wolverine, him learning of his powers (healing, Bone claws, enhanced senses) and developing them, learning how to fight and would basically show how wolverine the man was made. So the whole movie would be before Weapon X show him growing up, seeing him, dog and rose, have him living as a miner he accidentally kills rose, goes into the wilderness lives with the wolves and develops his senses. comes back, meets silver fox and sabertooth kills her.

Have him going to world war 1, fighting in the trenches then shipping to japan to train with ogun then he meets itsu, they fall in love have sex, shes murdered and he doesnt know he has a son but maybe you like show the baby or something real quick like after logans gone or something idk, foreshadowing!

have him come back to canada, show him during his Spy days or whatever which would lead into world war 2, meeting captain america, i would definatly put that in lol.

then i would end the movie with him being approached by like Striker or someone to join Team X.

Second Movie would be Wolverine: The Weapon.
Show him being transformed into Wolverine

Have it pick up with him in Team X, hes got the memory implants, hes on his first super hero team sort of like a precursor to the xmen show sabertooth and have silver fox come back and shock him. have him escape from Team X. then get tricked back into Weapon X, show the adamantium grafting process, his memory loss, breaking out and not knowing who he is.

Then show him trying to recover trying to find out who he is, meeting the hudsons then eventually being recruited back into Canadian intelligence and working for them, maybe show a bit of him with alpha flight and him being sent to fight the hulk and wendigo although i dont know if that would work.

Second movie ends with him Receiving orders to assassinate a powerful mutant (you see a picture of Charles Xavier) and him grabbing his gear and heading out.

So yea the third one, prolly wouldn't work, you would have to make like Xmen 4 or like First class 2 and Wolverine 3 merge into one movie or something and have it start with wolverine going to assassinate professor X but then him having his memory wiped and joining the Xmen then it picks up into an Xmen Movie.

Yea thats what i would do.

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