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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: voodoo doll

Real Name: Dolly Mitchell

Age: 18

Height: 5 ft 10

Weight: 119 lbs

Power: Extraordinary aim with a gun, Totally indistructable and every bullet that goes in her, goes in the guy that shot her instead.

Teacher: Used to be deadpool (You know, knives and stuff.)

Origin of power: She was murdered at 15 and then she changed. she rose from the ground in the form of a zombie/voodoo doll, with no emotion whatsoever. She is able to change from human form to zombie form whenever she likes.

She was orphaned at 12 years old. She swears to hurt the guy who did it some day.
(Nothing else to write, since zombies have no emotion...)

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