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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Interesting thoughts.

I shudder when I recall the ranting and raving on these forums when X3 was released. It was a fury worse than anything the Dark Phoenix could summon.

I agree the film posed interesting questions about identity and acceptance, though it could have been tied more directly with the Phoenix plotline. Any government would see her terrible power as good reason for the cure to exist as a counter-measure, especially after the destruction at the house where Xavier was obliterated.

She wasn't best handled near the end, when standing around on Alcatraz. Obviously, she was damaged/tortured by what had happened with Cyclops and Xavier and Jean must have been trying to maintain control and calmness so as not to trigger the Phoenix personality again. But on screen it did feel a little odd to see her standing there doing nothing. That's the problem with having superpowerful beings - they are hard to manage in the script so they usually end up being sidelined (just like Xavier was put in a coma in X1).

There are areas of the film that needed more thought put into them. Ratner certainly handled the action and special effects very well but other parts needed a more thoughtful approach.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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