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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

I saw the movie last night and what spider-neil said is pretty much what I thought:
Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
* when the ghost rider is on screen the movie is GREAT, the action is slick and ghost rider looks AMAZING - 8/10

* when the ghost rider isn't on screen the movie is TERRIBLE, the film drags, the plot is cliche, the acting is blah, the characters are completely uninteresting an I'm BEGGING the movie to return to ghost rider - 2/10

so I guess when you average that out the movie is like a 5/10
I kept reading, before I watched it, that the film was worse than the first. Looking back at the trailers, I thought ''no, that's impossible''.
Now I can say for sure that I thought this movie much better than the first. It really was impossible for me, who thought the first was so souless, to think the new movie, which had such a badass trailer with crazy directors, would be worse.

And that's what the movie is. Badass and crazy. It's a bad movie, but awesome at the same time. It didn't try to be serious and failed, like the first. It tried to be crazy and succeded. For being exactly what it tried to be and I what thought it would be, I give it one more point, making its score a 6/10.

I guess my only complaint was the way they disposed of Blackout, but the final scene was pretty great.

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