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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Got around to seeing it today. Hardly anyone in theatre and I can see why. The movie was dreadfully boring. As others have said, the ghost rider himself was pretty good and I did like the personality and darker feel of GR in this but the 97% of the movie that GR was not in was painful to sit through.
I voted much worse than first and that is the truth. The first movie may not have been great but it was good. This movie was horrible, other than the rare appearance of GR and the one point in the "film" where Zarathos name is had absolutely no redeeming qualities.

How about the few times GR got in someones face and ...and ....just looked at them....that was it. It was as though GR wanted to give them the penance stare so bad.....but he just couldn't afford it (budget)

This has killed the Ghost Rider franchise. No one will risk there money on a GR movie again. There will not be another GR movie for a minimum of at least 10 years, this was it.

Shame too because they actually did make a pretty cool GR in this, its just that he wasnt in the movie much at all. The whole movie was about people and monks runnin around with guns and a stupid little kid, yep we and GR got royaly screwed over on this one

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