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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

I had fun with this. Nowhere NEAR as bad as people are saying it is. Worse than the first movie? BULL. ****. The first one was done with SO INCOMPETENTLY that it was pathetic, especially the action scenes. This movie had better action, a better (if flawed) story, and Nic Cage did his DAMNEDEST to at least TRY and emote, even if it meant acting a little bit nutty. And I'm GLAD they pretended that nether Carter Slade, Blackheart, or even Roxane from the first movie existed in this version of the story, especially the latter of the three. We were better off without any of em! Overall, MUCH better than the first one, but next time, let Neveldine/Taylor do both the directing and writing, not JUST the directing.


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