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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Because I'm a comic book collector I make it a point to see the various comic book movie adaptations, even the crappy ones and Ghost Rider 2 joins the list.

If I were a diehard GH fan right now I might've ripped up all my GH comics. Whereas the first movie was played safe by giving Johnny Blaze a girlfriend and doing it by the numbers like Spider-Man or Superman the studio wanting to build a franchise for it they completely just coasted along with the sequel.

Nic Cage the older he gets it seems he'll be now among the likes of a Christopher Walken type of quirks and mannerisms, basically it felt more like a Nic Cage movie than a Ghost Rider movie what with Cage's frequent outbursts.

The movie itself was pretty boring about the only good action scene was the highway chase at the end, I think what was missing from the script was Johnny Blaze eating his JELLY BEANS!!

In Civil War the moment when Iron Man and Cap stop fighting when they realize they both have a friend named James.
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