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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Here is how i feel. this movie should have had continuity with the first film. Starting over was a bad idea. Its confusing to the new viewer who hasn't seen the first film.

the should have called Peter Fonda to play the devil again.

also, there wasn't enough action for me. the action that is in the trailer was pretty much the action we see in the film.

idris elba really brought alot to this film. he is a talented actor.

the angle of the monks wanting to kill danny was interesting. the monks seemed to be as bad as the devil himself. nice climax.

it was a good action movie but maybe the news of the budget cuts were what hurt the film. For me there was not enough action. Gamer, Crank & Crank 2 really had climax moments of action with the shaky cam style and i didn't feel that with this film there was enough of that.

but also films like this have to appeal to women, and i can see women disliking this film.

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