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Default Re: Capt. Marvel/Ms. Marvel Film? (Good idea or GREAT idea?)

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Here's our Carol Danvers:

She's got the right personality and looks for the part. Of course, she could easily play Mockingbird as well.
Not built curvy enough!maybe she'd be good in a rubber suit with curves and a little muscle playing Silver Sable
I've seen her in chuck and the woman has not enough hips for miss marvel
It would be like the B movie Vampirella .the woman wasn't nearly curvy enough ,it ruined it. Seriously!
The perfect actress would be Christina Applegate but sadly I think she's a little too old now, and I picture Amanda Seyfried more as the Valkyrie and I hope they use her in Thor.
Maybe the girl who used to host <popular mechanic for kids> Elisha Cuthbert!
I think her good enough for that!

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