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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
It's funny to me when people say that this film didn't have enough action, just go watch the first GR now there's a film that didn't have enough action.
There is absolutely no way this GR had MORE action than the first. Now I liked the rare action that was in SOV So I suppose an arguement can be made that there was better action in SOV but it was so far and few between it was kinda a wash on that.

As far as GR screen time the first movie showed waaayyyyy more GR. I like the new GR look and attitude better but the first movie GR looked cool too, so 1st wins that handily.

Keep in mind you really cant count any of the "action" that doesnt include GR. People and monks drivin cars fast and totin guns around the whole time....just dont count as action in a GR movie.

Im a big fan of GR and will buy the dvd just for the couple of % GR was in the SOV movie but as a fan this movie was an embarassement. The first movie was not an embarassement. It had an actual story to tell (though flawed) and did a nice job of basically explaining the comic origin story intertwined with a lot (at least in comparison) of GR time. For me anyone who watches both movies and thinks the SOV was the better movie has lost all credability and will be with others as a testament as to why it is hard, if not impossable for studios to make good movies when there trying to please an audience that .......well lets just say, aint right in the head.

SOV better GR, maybe, it is debatable but better movie, not even close

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