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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
Exactly. I put in the first GR movie just before I left to see SOV and the second one blew it out of the water in terms of action.

I especially loved the final chase sequence. The fight with that decaying dude could've gone longer, but the rest was top notch.
What?? Blew out of water ?? Top Notch??

Fine to each his own but lol I dont see how they can put about ten minutes of something cool in a movie and end up having some people runnin around saying how much better of a movie it is than one that was actually good and had more.
Blew out of the water...ridiculous

Now if you compared the best 10minutes of action in SOV to best in first than maybe your right. But we're talkin about having to sit through over an hour movie for both. And SOV was dreadfully painful whereas 1st only made you cringe every now and then

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