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Default Re: The Official Avengers Fan Art & Manip thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by lixdexia View Post

yeah, there are a couple of ultron figs for heroclix (the annihilation one looks NICE!) but i'm trying to come up with a card game using the movies as a jump off point, so i want to use pics from them and manips that look like they fit in their world.

just did an antman too based of chris moore's giant man from a while back

i'll tweak it a bit more before i use it for a card, but i'm fairly happy with it. want to add some scfi silver with blue glow wrist tool things too him and hide the floating in spaceness of the ant, but i like it for right now
Gotcha, good idea for a game tho.Yeah wish the Antman film would be made already. Good job!

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