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Default Re: How many years should WB wait before making a Batman reboot?

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
Richard Donner wasn't the producer of Superman Returns and Singer's "directing style" wasn't one of the problematic issues for SR.

It's a flawed comparison.

If anything it's closer to what WB is doing now with Man of Steel. Chris Nolan is mentoring Snyder's approach. Zack is going for a more realistic and gritty approach, as opposed to his usual stylistic crap.
It's not a flawed comparison. You try to to recreate the magic of someone else's style of storytelling and it could ruin the movie completely.

No one knows the advantages of Nolan-verse like Nolan himself. If someone tries to imitate his vision it won't feel genuine.

It's better to wipe the slate clean and try a fresh approach from a talented director and writer. Sky's the limit.

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