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Default Re: Who should be the villain in an Avengers sequel? (Poll)

Well since the 3 top choices are Kang, Ultron and Thanos and TA1 is about an invasion from space and/or the 9 Realms/Asgardian dimension we probably don't want more alien invasion stuff for TA2. Thanos is obvious for a big universal threat in TA3 so that just leaves what to do with Kang and Ultron. I see both as significantly different from Loki and his plot in TA1. We've seen invasion stuff before but I don't think we've really ever seen much of the idea about an invasion not from other worlds but from our own future. That's what makes Kang different for starters. Then Ultron, well we've seen machines vs. man before but not with superheroes. So that's his way in, as it were. But I think there may possibly be a way to have them both in TA2 and have it work out. Maybe Kang travels back in time because of something Ultron does that alters history unnaturally or whatever. I think you'd pretty much still need an object of power like the Cosmic Cube to be able to unnaturally alter history so as to get Kang's attention. Perhaps they could have that set up somewhere within TA1(since the Cube is definitely in that movie). I dunno, I'm rambling.

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