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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

I know alot of people hate the final fight in Ang's version, but i thought it was brilliant. Hulk get's more powerful the angrier he gets right? That's how he usually defeats his foes, by getting angrier and stronger and SMASHING!!!! them.

What i loved was the way it showed Hulk's anger, as an actual emotion, defeated Absorbing Man, or whatever you wanna call him. He was absorbing the Gamma energy of Hulk, but Hulk went completely mental "TAKE IT AAAAAAALLLLLLL!" and overloaded Absorbing Man.

That was a great way of showing how powerful Hulk becomes because of his anger without resorting to him just beating the crap out of his enemy.

I didn't like how in TIH it made the transformation a physical thing (increased heart beat) instead of the transformation being fuelled by the actual emotion of anger.

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