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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Ang Lee's by leaps and bounds for me.
I loved how the film actually explores Bruce Banner's psyche; where his rage comes from and all that.

Hulk himself (aside from the size thing) is almost identical to his comic counterpart in terms of personality and abilities. Plus the desert scene is probably the best action scene of any comic film ever.

I loved how it portrayed General Ross as a morally grey character, caught between his Daughter's love for Banner and his own absolute hatred for the man. Elliot's portrayal was so much more three dimensional than Hurt's bland cartoon version.
The general tone of this film is vastly better than TIH and it generally attempts to really explore its source material in ways that few Comic Films ever do.
Most of all I love that it's actually building off of the comic and not that overrated 70s show that everyone seems to think is the end all be all of the character.

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