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Default Re: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by the_ultimate_evil View Post
honestly i'm just back and all i can really say the film just left me cold

bad acting, bad script bad pacing. a lot of stupid little things, the constant bird like movement of GR or that annoying squeal when he was about to appear

i was really annoyed that all GR was boiled down to was a growling attack dog, the first film had its flaws lots of them but at least they got the idea of the rider being a personality, also if its the the guy he made the deal with what the hell was all this Roarke crap why not just call him Mephisto

it had elements better than the first, but the first had stuff better than this. sadly it seems GR is not destined to have a decent movie
The movie was basically a subtle reboot attempt. Roarke is clearly not supposed to be the first movies Mephisto, considering the differences in how strong and weak the two are in their respective movies.

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