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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

when hulk 2003 came out i thought it was decent. today i love it. i guess it took some years for me to see everything that the movie was. i think the reason is that from day one i expected a hulk movie to be only action and no story. and when the movie was realesed i didnt get cartoon action every 10 minutes. looking the whole movie WOOOW. plus Ang Lee is such a good director. he used unique editing choices and told Elfman to make a score that is also different. Lee did what a director should do. try out something new. i didnt think the comicbook editing workd all the time. but dear lord do i respect Lee for trying it out.

the movie looks very realistic. so it was a bad choice to make Hulk so saturated green. it didnt work in the world that Lee created.

TIH is an entertaining summer movie.

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