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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
How about Sharlto Copley, the South African who was so awesome in District 9 and played Murdock in the A-Team movie?

He certainly has the chops for Klaw. It'd be interesting to see what he would do with the character. Seems a bit young though, not sure how they'd make him look youn-er to kill T'Chaka.

Still not exactly a big name. He still better known as "that guy from...". For some reason the only 'big name' villains in superhero movies I can think of are Liam Nesson in Batman Begins, Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns and John Travolta in one of the Punisher movies. Clearly a 'big name' villain is a bit of a hit or miss thing, and perhaps not really necessary.

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