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Default Re: Black Panther Solo Film!

One good thing about having Copely as Klaw is that, provided people don't mind a slight alteration to the character's background, he could actually get to use his South African accent. It would add to the African feel of the film. As for whether he'd be old enough to match wits with T'Chaka, well wouldn't most of T'Chaka's scenes be when he's still relatively young and T'Challa is still a boy? I prefer that T'Challa doesn't become Black Panther straight away but waits a few years to grow up before taking on the mantle and going after Klaw.

Hodge might not be bad as T'Challa. He certainly would pull off the intelligent side of T'Challa, and can do the accent. It's important that whoever plays T'Challa doesn't look overly young that it's more like Panther Boy. Hodge is in his 20s, but it's difficult to tell his age exactly.

For Man Ape, the person who comes to mind is Michael Clark Duncan. He would have the size to pull off that role.

As for Panther's costume, I'm hoping that it has a slight bluish tint to it - enough that in some light it can look like blackish-blue, and in other light just pure black. That would give him that classic look to his costume from the 70s where they would colour it blue because of printing difficulties.

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