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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Y'know, this is actually a really good question.

I'm kind of in the middle on Ang Lee's Hulk. I never hated it, but it certainly isn't on the level of thr Batman, or even possibly X-Men or Spider-Man movies. The story was just a bit too convoluted and downright weird. It was like Lee was attempting to do a TDK-esque film; something that possibly works even better as a genre film than a superhero film, but just didn't have a scriptwriter quite talented enough to pull it off.

Outside of that, I liked mostly all of the other aspects of the film; the cinematography, art direction, score, even Lee's comic book panel editing trick worked great, IMO. And, most importantly he made it feel like its own, very legitimate film. Definitely a film that would be more suited for adults than children.

TIH however, is a simple, fun movie that really can't be called offensive to the character in any way. Edward Norton plays the role well - perhaps even better than Bana, and the script works like a Hulk fan's checklist; going down the list and making sure we got all of the intangible things we'd want in a Hulk movie.

That said, due to that simplicity, it lacks the gravitas and sense of style that Hulk had. TIH could never be mistaken for a groundbreaking or innovative film, it could never be mistaken for a piece of legitimate art that Hulk tried to be. And I think that hurts it to a certain degree. It's intangibles like that that differentiates The Dark Knights of the world from the Batman Forevers, or X-Men: First Classes from the Fantastic Fours.

All in all, I honestly don't know if I can even say. They're both mixed bags in my opinion.

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