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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Y'know, this is actually a really good question.

I'm kind of in the middle on Ang Lee's Hulk. I never hated it, but it certainly isn't on the level of thr Batman, or even possibly X-Men or Spider-Man movies. The story was just a bit too convoluted and downright weird. It was like Lee was attempting to do a TDK-esque film; something that possibly works even better as a genre film than a superhero film, but just didn't have a scriptwriter quite talented enough to pull it off.

Outside of that, I liked mostly all of the other aspects of the film; the cinematography, art direction, score, even Lee's comic book panel editing trick worked great, IMO. And, most importantly he made it feel like its own, very legitimate film. Definitely a film that would be more suited for adults than children.

TIH however, is a simple, fun movie that really can't be called offensive to the character in any way. Edward Norton plays the role well - perhaps even better than Bana, and the script works like a Hulk fan's checklist; going down the list and making sure we got all of the intangible things we'd want in a Hulk movie.

That said, due to that simplicity, it lacks the gravitas and sense of style that Hulk had. TIH could never be mistaken for a groundbreaking or innovative film, it could never be mistaken for a piece of legitimate art that Hulk tried to be. And I think that hurts it to a certain degree. It's intangibles like that that differentiates The Dark Knights of the world from the Batman Forevers, or X-Men: First Classes from the Fantastic Fours.

All in all, I honestly don't know if I can even say. They're both mixed bags in my opinion.
I agree with 95% of this.

What I didn't like about TIH was that feeling of it being a sequel to a movie that never existed. You have to assume Bruce and Betty are in love without any background and I had problems connecting with Bruce's tragedy because of the lack of an origin giving necessary details. How is that Bruce escaped so easily from Ross? Why is he a fugitive now if he had no problems going to the hospital to visit Betty and then, right in front of Gral. Ross he managed to escape? Honestly, that blurry flashback of an origin did nothing for me.

And what I considered specially mocking to the character were all those stupid jokes about purple pants and... God, the movie exposing Bruce's inability to have a normal intercourse... IN A COMEDIC TONE! The movie lost me right there. The stupid taxi sequence just made it worse.

Now, this is just me, but Bruce being able to control Hulk, with a smile while transforming, is just like Peter Parker having a 110% happy life wioth enough money for everything, Bruce Wayne feeling cool about being Batman without any problems about his dead parents or Superman constantly wanting to quit as Superman.

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