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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by Longshot777 View Post
I agree TIH is still canon to the "FILM" Universe.

But regular audience
will NOT get lost in the Avengers 2012 if they did NOT see TIH.

The films of Ironman, Thor, and Captain America has so much of an impact that everyone has to watch them before they watch the Avengers film to truly experience the whole scope.

TIH, however does not. The movie is NOT BAD but it does not compare to the other 3.

Those 3 were ORIGIN STORIES. TIH is NOT. Unless you count the opening credits.

Hulk's Origin can simply be explain in one line in the Avengers film as a brilliant scientist who is an expert in Gamma Radiation who became the powerful Hulk.


I'm saying that general audience will not miss anything in Aveners if TIH was never made.

TIH is an AVERAGE Superhero Movie at best
Well, that's completely different from "Eric Bana and Ed Norton will be wiped out of the Marvel Movie Continuity." For once, Bana's movie is already out. Which I consider less and less a bad thing.

So far we don't know if TIH is going to be "wiped out", it is directly related to this and always was partofb the Marvel continuity. And we neither know if you need to see Thor and Iron man 1 and 2 in order to enjoy The Avengers.

But Iron Man 2 and Thor were not much better than TIH. All of them followed the same Marvel formula. I know TIH had a better love story than Thor.

As of now I still think it's very possible that it is Avengers what I'm going to be forgetting and not Iron man, Thor and The Incredible Hulk.

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