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Default Re: Autopsy of Wolverine

Originally Posted by Zelkar View Post
the movie? probably because they almost completely ignored the comics/graphic novels and most of what they did use they rewrote into something different and then flipped it upside down.
Typical fan answer, 'because they didn't make it like the comic.'

It's no more or less like the comics than any of the other X-Men movies.

It's bad because it has a bad script, dull action scenes, tries to cram in too many characters from the comic, and has a protagonist who is continually tricked, beaten up, and betrayed, and only takes the initiative in the last ten minutes.

There is no Marvel/DC rivalry. Most of the great comic creators worked for both; Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Walt Simonsen, Gil Kane, Steve Ditko, John Byrne, Steve Englehart, Mark Waid...even Stan Lee.
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