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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

TIH. by far. But Jennifer Connelly's Betty was 100 times better than Liv Tyler's. Ang Lee's version had its moments, I actually liked the Hulked out Dog fight. Elliott and Hurt, for me, both did fine. Norton I thought was way better. He had the paranoia down perfectly. imo, he seemed genuinely afraid of turning into the Hulk. Lee making his father the absorbing man, I thought it was completely idiotic.

As far tying the transformation into the heart rate, they kind of go hand in hand. When you get angry/enraged, your heart rate goes up. that's a fact. I thought having the wrist monitor was a great idea. It enabled him to check himself, which made the paranoia even more real that he didn't want to turn, no matter what. Though, I didn't know you could hulk out when horny...that was pretty stupid, but I thought it worked well, other than that.

I liked the comic paneling when they went from scene to scene in ang lee's. that was cool.

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