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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
I can't hate Lee's Hulk, despite its flaws. I admire the way it approaches the characters as human beings, especially with Banner and Betty. Eric Bana and Jennifer Connelly are still probably my favorite screen iterations of those characters (as well as Sam Elliot). I dig Hulk himself as well, I liked his face and how emotive it was even if the CG is dated now and he looked a bit too soft. A lot of the editing and third act are ridiculous, though.
I don't hate it either. It's easily the better film than TIH. It's just a tad too melodramatic, and the comic scene editing is jarring.

But the rest was solid. I love Sam Elliott's Thunderbolt Ross. I like the repressed Banner that Bana portrays.

And I actually don't find Hulk to be "soft" looking at all. He's huge, as he should be, with realistic musculature. Relaxed when it needs to be, ripped when he's doing something to exert the muscles.

The CGI from ILM in 2003 is light years better than whoever did the CGI five years later for TIH in 2008.

In fact the 2003 CGI stands up better right now, then the 2008 stuff does.

I appreciate that Ang treated the material seriously, albeit for the Hulk, a little too seriously.

With the Hulk you have to walk a fine line of being traumatic and haunting, but also be fun and adrenaline educing.

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