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Default Re: TIH vs. Ang Lee's Hulk

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Honestly, from the Hulk comics I've read (Lee's original run, some of PAD, Pak, and now Aaron), they really aren't all that action packed. I mean, they'll be giant gamma-enhanced battles, but the focus of pretty much every Hulk story I've read has been his psychology.

I really think all those people who complained of not enough Hulk Smash really didn't understand the character much at all.
Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Why are you people so obsessed with Hulk's strength?

It's like the least interesting thing about the character. Psychobabble is at the core of who the Hulk is.
Originally Posted by CConn View Post
That's exactly what I'm saying.

I haven't read a massive amount of Hulk comics, but I've read a solid amount from most eras of the Hulk's history, and that sense of psychology has always been present.

If there was one time where they shied away from his psychology, it would've been during Planet Hulk, and even in that story, it was more about character interaction and drama and social commentary than Hulk just beating things up.
Well said.

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